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Diabetes is very common and has probably already affected people in your life.  However, you can still lead a healthy and normal life if you learn to manage and understand diabetes.

In partnership with Westminster PCT, Maslaha has been working closely with health practitioners, local community organisations, patients and many more to produce this unique resource to help manage and prevent diabetes.

Our project aims to bring together medical and Islamic advice to help you lead a healthy lifestyle -- to find out more about how to live with diabetes and the project explore the website.

Did you know...

  • Many people who have diabetes don’t know it
  • People of all ages, shapes and sizes may develop diabetes
  • You can develop diabetes during pregnancy
  • Diabetes can affect your vision and even lead to blindness

On this Diabetes Matters website, you can:

  • Learn what kinds of food are good for you.
  • Understand the importance of eating well during Ramadan.
  • Find out why eye check ups are extremely important if you have diabetes.
  • Watch films in English and Sylheti.


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