Caring for your eyes

Diabetes can cause problems with your eyesight and therefore it is important you go for regular eye screenings (check ups). Screening (these check ups) is an effective way of detecting eye sight problems as early as possible to help prevent blindness.

These screenings are organised by your GP and are not the same as the appointments you attend at the opticians. All people with diabetes over the age of 12 should have an eye screening.
Screenings are available in your area every year and you will receive a letter in the post inviting you to make an appointment. Maybe rework this bit to make it shorter – I guess we are saying that you only have to attend once a year. It is important that you respond to this letter and either make appointment for an eye screening yourself, or ask your GP to do it for you.
Even if you are not experiencing problems with your vision it is important that you respond to the letter and make an appointment, as this will help prevent problems in later life.
The earlier you act, the easier it will be to prevent problems with your eyesight in the future.


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